Beautiful photographic reproductions of your artwork and antiques.



Art Competitions

Laneway Digital will ensure your submissions to any art competition captures all the richness and subtleties of your original work. We only use the very best technology to ensure this accuracy.

Catalogs & Books

If you are looking to sell or build PR around your piece of art many galleries and media houses will request photos of your piece. Laneway Digital will reproduce your art in an authentic and true to life copy. We have consulted and contributed to many Art Books and would be happy to assist in the creation of yours.


To protect against financial loss and preserve your artwork and antiques for future generations, Laneway Digital offer reproduction services for private and corporate collections as well as museums, galleries and artists.

Laneway Digital Photography Key Features

Color Accurate

Using the X-Rite Colour product suite, we ensure the highest quality in colour accuracy. We pride ourselves on true to life digital reproductions.


Web & Print Ready

We will deliver files sizes to your specifications for print/web/large scale etc. These will be delivered to you on CD or digital download as required.

Student Discounts

We support up and coming artists and the preservation of art for future generations. We offer discounted rates to art students and senior citizens.


Your place or ours

We would love to see your artwork or antiques in our Windsor studio but understand that sometimes this isn’t possible. Please talk to us about onsite photography.

Keeping your artwork safe

Your originals are our most valuable possession, without them we couldn’t reproduce them for you. Please talk to us about our storage and security.


Quick Turn Around

We know you will want your artwork and antiques back safe and sound as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to ensure your digital repoductions happen quickly and smoothly